Caribbean Cruisin'

We got to take a princess cruise with the family.
We went to the Bahamas and played on the beach,
swam with stingrays at Grand Caymen, zipped
through the trees in the Jamacian jungle, and
finished with scuba diving in Cozumel Maxico.
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Beth Has Crossed Over To The Dark Side

Beth decided to make a change, a big change. She has always
wanted to know if blonds always have all the fun or if brunettes
have a little too. It took everybody a long time to recognize
her, and she couldnt even recognize herself sometimes!
But as we are all getting use to it, its tough to decide
whether she should be a blond or brunette in the future.
But maybe we can solve that by just trying redhead.
Sure, what the heck she has already got the freckels.
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Home Improvement

We have hit the basement and the backyard hard this year. Check out the
of all that we have done so far...

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