Blog Facelift

Hey everybody! We decided to make some changes to our blog scene
so that we could post more often. We have started a blog on blogger

We hope to update this blog weekly with all of our latest goingings ons.
So come and check us out.... will continue to
still be up and with this new link posted right here so you can access the
new blog that way.

The cool program that we have been using to build this blog just couldn't
handle the volume of all our pics.Every time I went to make a new post It
would take at least 4 days with crashing the computer a couple times
each day. (I know what you guys are thinking.....its impossible to crash a Mac)
Well it is possible!!!!!!
I am well versed in all the crashing warning signals. There is the
basic and less intrusive approach of the simple freezing of the screen and
mouse but then there is the approach of the shocking grey curtain that drops over
your desktop with a sign that says "WARNING, RESTART YOUR COMPUTER" three languages!.
Then there is the fuzz that creeps up your screen and eventually couples
with the freezing technique. This was the latest signal that I experienced. And
instead of throwing my mouse across the room in frustrated rage I decided to
take some pictures for the memory albums. (See below). Some of you may be
reminded of me during my freshman year of college and how I would have to
take my desktop PC to my brother in law every other month or so, so he could
clean off the thousands of viruses and get the darn thing to even start up again.
Thanks Mike for the many resuscitation attempts on on "ol' blackie". So as you
can see from my record so far ..... I have a gift.
"The Creeping Fuzz"