Home Again

Hey everybody we are back!!!!! We just came home from
shooting three weeks in Japan. Beth shot the images for
her graduating photography show. What work! She shot
large format on her toyo field camera and shot digital on
the side. Reece shot lots and lots of digital, using some
really cool lenses that we rented for the trip.
Although extremely fast pace, the trip was amazing.
We were there just to see all the japanese fall colors turn
on the mountainsides. What a great culture, there are so many
beautiful things to see and experience.
We are struggling to get back on US time. The first thing
we did when we got home was go to sleep and we slept for
24 hours straight. We are up for more hours now (even though
they are at strange hours of the day) and we are working hard
to organize the thousands of pictures that we shot.
Once we have gone through the photos we hope to post
the "best-of's" on the blog soon.