"Banners of Japan" BFA Photography Show

Here is a virtual tour of the show installed in the B.F. Larsen
Gallery in the HFAC building at BYU, It gives a good representation
of the space my photographs were displayed in. I really love
how in between the grey walls and the wood walls my work was
displayed "in-the-round". One could stand in the middle of the room
and be encompassed/sourrounded by Japan. 360 view.

*videos on this blog need time to load

The show was made up of 12 smaller photographic scrolls
that were 30" x 40" with a 17" x 27" black and white image,
they were hung in the insets in the gallery.
To see those images in more detail go to my: Photo Blog

Then there were six images that were printed as tripdics
(a single image broken into three separate parts and then
hung next to each other) with each section being 30" x 48".
The larger images were printed silver gelatin in my own darkroom
at home. The images were then dry-mounted on foamcore and then hung on
38" x 90" scrolls.
Here are some stills of those pieces:
"Wedded Rocks, Ise Shi"
"Sacred Bridge, Niko Japan"


"Bamboo Grove"
"Floating Tori, Myajima Japan"

"Floating Shrine, Myajima Japan"
This last one gives a good reference point of the size of the pieces.

My favorite would have to be the"Wedded Rocks" Here is me, not having showered or slept for an
embarrassing long amount of time so happy to finally be showing my family the finished and hung product.

The opening reception was so fun. Thanks to all who could make it out.