Japan Movies: From the Beautiful to the Bemusing

Here are some of the movies that we took
of our favorite things in Japan:
-Our daily early morning train rides taken on
a photographers schedule to get the sweet light
-Walking through the tunnels of Tori gates at Fushimi Inari
-Hatchiko Square, the busiest intersection in the world
(please notice how the empty street becomes a sea of people
and then clears completely again)
-And the best....... conveyer belt sushi, where your meal
was priced by how many plates you had stacked up at the
end of the meal

- The tame dear at Nara and Myajima that would bow for a snack
- The Tanuki sightings, (a Tanuki= Japanese raccoon)

-Finally the amazing fall leaves, the Niko Shrine, and MT. Fuji from our cable
car ride in Hokone