Training Day!

Reece held an awesome Ninja Training Camp for his nephew John's 6th birthday party.
Reece wore his professional Karate uniform and his real-life black belt. (Thanks to Don Spangler
for the idea, our ninja camp might sound a lot like a jedi training camp)
The boys had to pass gruling tests to receive each part of their ninja uniforms (mask, shirt)
BUT the hardest of all, was they had to brake a board like their sensei Reece to get their black belt.
IMG_1171 IMG_1176
Bethany and Ricky held the boards for Reece. Although Bethany loves Reece she was still terrified he
would kick her face off!! but Beth still has her face and she even got good enough to hold
THREE boards thick with Ricky.

The boys had a little help.... we cut the boards 3/4 of the way
and put the cut face down so the boys only had to brake the last little bit (shhh dont tell!!!)

Every true ninja has got to enjoy a little sushi every now and then.
(especially the sweet jellybean, rice crispy, fruit roll up- roll)