The Family Bios


A beautiful and sometimes not so glamorous cat
that we picked off our street as a dirty little stray.
It was an awkward day the day we found out that
she was originally our neighbors cat, but they
called and gave us their full support in stealing
their cat. So now we are all one big happy family.


Full name: Dubois (and yes we pronounce it dubwa not
dubois, it sounds more french than idahoish)
Dubie is an awesome cat that we found as a kitten
stuck under a truck bed of a truck stopped at a gas
station in Dubois Idaho. We at first didnt expect to keep
him but we fell in love and he has stuck around since.
He loves to cuddle and he loves children, which we dont
understand because all they do is squeeze him and
pull his fur. But he is a sweetie and is also very useful as
a halloween decoration. He also plays the part of a
panther lounging on our bed which is done in East Indian
Style and looks authentic with him on it.
He looks good everywhere.



Alter ego 3 color 1_2
Bethany Madison: currently a student at BYU working
towards a BFA in Photography.
Bethany also has her own photography business:
Bethany Madison Studios
Her and Reece also keep up a more serious blog
strictly for their photography both fine are and
Madison Photo Blog
Loves: photography, snowboarding, pizza,
mustard (lots o' mustard),reading,
music (all kinds), movies, traveling, road-trips,
anything creative,throwing parties, the Big
Apple, scuba diving,painting rooms,her
cat children, not wearing make-up,
bookstores, and her Reecers Piecers.



Reece Madison: currently a student at the U of U
working towards an undergrad in Accounting.
Loves: skiing, traveling, learning, people, Japan,
karate, cleaning, macs and apple products, podcasts,
dogs (even though we don't have one...yet), 80's music,
scuba diving, and his Bethers. Oh... and recently.....

The House