Dubie's Rescue Story-
Dubie is the first cat that we rescued. It was as we passed through Dubois, Idaho, on the way to visit our Grandma in Montana, that we stopped for gas. As we were filling up we were overwhelmed by the cries of a kitten. The cries were coming from under the truck next to us. Bethany and Darlene (mom) investigated, and it was Bethany who lovingly coaxed Dubie from under the bed of the truck. Upon further investigation the two "puck kids" as we now like to refer to the drivers of the truck said, "Oh yeah, Like, I think we say a cat like that about 50 miles ago as we stopped by a lake. Dude"
"Like,I guess that cats been under there (the bed of the truck) all that time, well we got to go so...later."
Bethany and my Mom were able to Get them to keep them from going long enough to rescue or knew kitty from certain death.
And everyday has been just as adventurous.